• Development through fun.

Ages 5-8, Across The GTA


Hosting orientations will take place 1-2 months prior to start of league at all 5 facilities including:

-Brampton North

-Richmond Hill




All parents and children are welcome to learn more about First Kick and sign up for the indoor league!

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More Than Just Soccer...

Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle.

First Kick is a children's soccer league where fun and education occur in harmony. 

In a modern world where most kids download their first app before taking their first kick, it can be tough to show young people the value of physical activities.

At First Kick, children will  develop soccer skills in a fun pressure-free environment.

We believe in the value of physical activity, and First Kick provides a positive introduction to fitness for young people that will last a lifetime.

Learning at First Kick

Every member of our organization values our principles of low-pressure soccer training. We encourage our young athletes to be the best version of themselves possible while maintaining a fun and inclusive atmosphere.


Certified Coaches & Training

Not only are our coaches at First Kick certified, but we select coaches that have prior experience in working with children under the age of 9. 

Our coaches are the best at what they do. We ensure equal playtime for every team member, while maintaining a focus on their strengths and developing their weaknesses.

Our coaches are patient while demonstrating the value of teamwork. First Kick coaches are dedicated to mentoring your children with positive values. First Kick athletes conclude their season stronger mentally and physically, all while having an awesome time!

LifeTime Friendships

10 weeks of team-building with other children in their local community provides friendships that extent long past the 3 month season. 

Your child will find themselves engaging in community sports for years to come because of the positive introduction First Kick provides to sports.

We are creating lifelong passion.

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